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firmware upgrade
Product Model Number : BL-WR1100
Software Package Size: 864KB
Date Uploaded: 2017-04-01
Software Description: Suitable for LB-LINK model BL-WR1100 products.

Software description: applicable to RT5350 microchip single mode  wireless routers. The software interface has the following differences between the single mode and the five modes versions: 
【five mode】:the five mode version has Router, Repeater, WISP, Client, and AP on the front page and has 5 different modes. 
【single mode】:The single mode version has only Router on the front page and has only one mode.

1. This software update applies only to RT5350 single mode or five modes routers, could you please make sure before upgrading that the router is a single mode or five modes router, as to not cause permanent damage to your router.
2. Before upgrading, please make sure that the computer is connected to the router by a network cable, please do not disconnect the router during the upgrade, and please do not turn off the router or the computer during the upgrading process.

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