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M8761BU2 1T1R B5.0 Module

  • RTL8761BUV
  • USB
  • 2.4GHz
  • BR:1Mbps EDR:2Mbps LE: 2Mbps
  • 1x1 1T1R
  • 12.9*12.2*2.3mm
  • BL-M8761BU2


  • V5.0 


  • 1T1R 

  • USB2.0 Interface 


BL-M8761BU2 BT5 USB module is designed base on RTL8761BUV, It combines a BT Protocol Stack (LM, LL, L2CAP, GATT, RFCOMM, SPP, and LE), BT Baseband, modem and BT RF in a single chip. The BL-M8761BU2 BT5 USB module complies with Bluetooth core specification v5 and supports dual mode (BR/EDR + Low Energy Controllers). It is compatible with previous versions, including v2.1 + LE. For BR/EDR, it allows multiple active links in either slave mode or master mode. For Low Energy, it supports multiple states and allows multiple active links in slave mode. A BR/EDR link and an LE link can be active at the same time.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode support: Simultaneous LE and BR/EDR

  • USB1.1 full speed for Bluetooth controller

  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)

  • Supports Bluetooth classic(BDR/EDR)

  • Supports Bluetooth PCM

  • Connect to external antenna through half hole

Block Diagram


General Specifications

Module Name




Bluetooth Standards

Bluetooth Core Specification v5.0

Operating Frequencies


Host Interface

USB1.1 full speed for Bluetooth


Connect to the external antenna through half hole pad



Power Supply

DC 3.3V±0.2V @ 300 mA (Max )

Operation Temperature

-20℃ to +70℃

Operation Humidity

10% to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)

Product Dimension

截屏2024-06-14 16.47.18

Module dimension: 12.9*12.2*1.7mm (L*W*H; Tolerance: ±0.15mm)

Package Dimensions



Package specification:

1. 2,000 modules per roll and 10,000 modules per box.

2. Outer box size: 37.5*36*29cm.

3. The diameter of the blue environment-friendly rubber plate is 13 inches, with a total thickness of 28mm 

    (with a width of 24mm carrying belt).

4. Put 1 package of dry agent (20g) and 1 humidity card in each anti-static vacuum bag.

5. Each carton is packed with 5 boxes.


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