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AX3000 Wireless Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router

  • BL-AX3000


  • Ultra-Fast (≥1800 Mbps) 

  • 1 Gbps 

  • Router-Mode 

  • Wireless 

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) 


3000Mbps speed, Internet speed soaring

Designed with the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 standard, the wireless speed can reach up to 3000Mbps, which is a 150% improvement compared to traditional AC1200 routers. This further enhances the internet speed.

Long OFDM symbol transmission mechanism

Wi-Fi6 (802.11ax) uses Long OFDM symbol transmission to increase each signal carrier's transmission time, which reduces packet loss and retransmissions. This is especially useful for long distance transmissions or obstacles affected by multipath effects. Wi-Fi6 also effectively strengthens data signal transmission and increases coverage range.

OFDMA technology for efficient transmission

When multiple devices need to transmit data, traditional routersneed to take turns to transmit data multiple times, while OFDMA technology allows routers to send data to up to 8 devices with a single transmission, and network latency can be reduced by 66%.

MU-MIMO technology, Smooth multi-device performance

Wi-Fi6 routers use MU-MIMO (multi-user MIMO) technology, which allows multiple terminals to share the same channel at the same time, greatly improving transmission efficiency when multiple mobile phones, computers, and tablets are surfing the Internet and transferring data together.

The new generation encryption protocol WPA3

WPA3 uses a more advanced 192-bit CNSA level algorithm and implements effective strategies to prevent brute force attacks and protect privacy in open Wi-Fi networks. Users who attempt to crack passwords multiple times will be locked out, and personalized encryption is also employed. Overall, WPA3 greatly improves security and reduces risks such as packet capture, offline analysis, and password extraction by attackers.

Full Gigabit Ethernet Port

One WAN port and three LAN ports, all of which are wired Gigabit Ethernet ports that can fully utilize every megabit of the Internet service provider's bandwidth. Each port has an independent indicator light, making it easy to identify any port issues and troubleshoot with ease.

Esay Mesh, Whole-house coverage, seamless roaming

It supports Easy Mesh networking function, which enables whole-home signal coverage without dead zones, providing freedom of movement and eliminating concerns about disconnection issues, whether in multi-level or large-sized households.


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