This webpage showcases and records LB-LINK's important events and milestones. Visitors can learn about LB-LINK's past milestones, including establishment date, product releases, key partnerships, and market achievements. It helps us understand LB-LINK's development history, significant accomplishments, and progress better.


Establishes Major Production Base

The company established in Jiangxi a large production base - Jiangxi Province Science and Technology Co., LTD.

Top WIFI module sales top 300K monthly, diversified chip partnerships

The main WIFI module this year has a monthly sales volume of over 300,000 pieces, and the cooperative chips include RALINK, Realtek and Atheros.

Awarded "2007 Civilized and Honest Enterprise" title

The Shenzhen municipal government awarded the title of "2007 Civilized Integrity Enterprise", and awarded a certificate.

Company succeeds in "Zero Complaint Challenge", hitting high marks

the company launched a three-month "Challenge of Zero Complaints", the theme of the activities, the results are as follows: Date of delivery accuracy: > 98.5%; Customer product complaints: < 2%; Employee satisfaction: > 97%; Customer satisfaction: > 97.6%; One-time test rate of new products: > 90%, the results are quite ideal.

Global promotion of all-digital FM broadcasting module

The company developed a fullly digital FM radio module, and through the Cebit Fair in Germany, Dubai Gitex, and Global Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong will bring products to the world.

"LB-LINK" FM radio module quickly dominates market

Started into the FM radio module market, the company seized its prospects for this market, and independently developed the "LB - LINK" series of FM radio modules, it has highly integrated circuit technology and anti-interference technology that can totally compete with foreign chip giants, it is widely used in MP3 players, MP4 players, speakers, mobile phones, products with high quality and low prices quickly dominate the market, in the Chinese electronics industry independent innovation and cost control are key.

"LB-LINK" Brand Manufactured In-House to Meet ROHS Standards

A 800,000 Yuan investment to build a ROHS green production workshop, fully implementing the ROHS standard process,Entering the era of independent research and development - production of the "LB-LINK" brand series.

Company Focused on Employee Welfare and Win-Win Development

The company put product development, production, and sales all together, and set up in Baoan Guanlan Town an electronics factory with an area of more than 5,000 square meters, four production floors and one office foor, built a dormitory building, library, recreation room, and set up an employee assistance fund. It was too hard one person, the whole company helped.

"LB-LINK" Trademark Registered

"LB - LINK" trademark registration, registration number: 3247693. A company ISO9001 organizing committee was established, and carried out the ISO9001 quality standard management system.

The Modem PCI card addresses communication industry challenges and receives an award from the China Council for the Prom

The first Modem PCI Card online, the 56k Modem supports a maximum speed of 56KBPS, the current state of telephone dial-up was not stable, developing a "anti-drop" function, greatly solve the industry's problems at that time, so the Modem did not fit the situation at that time, the same year we won CCPIT's "Chinese Electronic Products Export Products Series Medal".

"Fengshen" brand launched the "U-DISK" mobile flash drive after its establishment.

"Fengshen" brand established,a new product launched "U - DISK" mobile flash drive according to customers' needs with nearly 20 different styles, not only from the mainland government, state run businesses, and schools a large number of orders, but also also sought after by most of the foreign trade companies. And then the successful launch of the "Fengshen" generation, second generation and third generation with different sizes of U-DISK series, suitable for different consumer markets.

Pre-registered "LB-LINK" trademark, factory established in Xili Town.

Pre-registered "LB - LINK" brand trademark, and founded in Xili Town, put product development and manufacturing processes together in a multifunctional factory - Lifeng Electronics Factory with 150 employees, research and development of networking products, produced Ethernet 10M cards, Ethernet hubs, 100M networking cards, switches and other networking communication products.

The latest PCI bus sound card and product line.

The latest PCI bus sound card, and it used a "One - to - Two" track structure, established a standard in the field of sound technical standards, in the same year launched the CPU - 370 architecture bus board and hub / switch series of products. There were many product lines.

"Oscar" sound cards have nationwide sales coverage.

In Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and other places set up offices, and in various provincial capital cities established an agent network, the "Oscar" sound card, was selling very well.

Multi-channel sound card tech shapes "New Era" brand.

Hong Kong returned to the motherland. We established the "New Era" brand with Jiexun (Yamaha's chip agent). We exclusively created Diewas multiple audio track technology and developed a series of ISA bus cards, warmly welcomed by the market, the "New Era" series of sound cards had 50% to 60% of the market.

We have established a company.

We founded Feng Communications Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in computer video cards, sound cards, serial and parallel port cards sales, and OEM sales.